Rules and Regulations


  • The students profile form printed in the school and almanac should be filled correctly and promptly.
  • All communications should be addressed to headmistress.
  • A change in the address or telephone number must be informed immediately in the school office.
  • Parents must check the and almanac everyday for any note the same should be acknowledged for school uniform.
  • Please ensure that your ward comes to school punctually and neatly dresses in prescribed school uniform.
  • If your child takes any school property or other students book to home by mistake kindly send it back the very next day.
  • Parents must ensure that their ward should attend school regularly. In case for some reason, your child is absent from the school, send the leave application duly signed by the parent.
  • Children must bring the almanac to school every day.
  • Don’t offer any gifts presents or money to an employee of the institution.
  • Please maintain a record of worksheets and circulars issued by the school.
  • No child will be allowed to leave the premises before the school gets over unless permission has been granted in written.
  • The child should be trained to maintain personal hygiene like regular haircut, Trimming of Nails and be neat and tidy.
  • The children are provided with the prescribed books, stationary, uniform and their fees should be paid in time.
  • The children should devote sufficient time at home to prepare their lessons and complete the home assignments.
  • A constant watch by the parents towards the academic attainments, developing mental attitudes and diverted attention to the studies.
  • They are most welcome to approach the principal for the opinions and suggestions during the visiting hours.
  • Please timely respond to the report, parent teacher meeting and information send to you from the school.
  • Contacts with the concerned teachers through the principal are suggested to the parents to satisfy themselves about the progress, attendance and general behaviour of their children.
  • Servants or attendant, if sent to school must carry an authority letter and neatly dressed, polite and well conversant with the school rules.
  • Leave application of the child in written/ signed by the parents must be sent in advance or immediately when the child joins after absence.
  • Seven working days continuous absence will expose the student for the removal of his/ her name from school.
  • The children should not bring money and other expensive items to school such as wristwatches ,iPods, calculators, video games etc
  • Students during school hours shall be allowed to go only with parents only after showing parent’s beard card.
  • To deposit school fees of your ward on time is parents responsibility you will not get any reminder from school.
  • To take School transportation service is not mandatory for parents. It is extended on parents demand only pick and drop will be from nodal point only.
  • Students suffering from following disease should not be sent to school till they are fully recovered.

Chicken Pox: Until the scabs have fallen completely.
Cholera: Until the child is cured completely.
Measles: Two weeks after the rashes disappear.
Mumps: Until the swelling has subsided completely.
Whooping Cough: Until the child is cured completely.

a) Try to inculcate reading habit in your child.
b) Praise your child. Children who are treated with love and care grew up to be happy and confident.
c) Let your child set schedule for home study, recreation, meal time etc. As it enables consistency.
d) Don’t send sick children to school.

Instructions for meeting the teachers.

Parents are requested not to visit the classes of their children. If the parents wish to meet any teacher they need to first fix and appointment. The best time to meet the concerned teacher is during Parents -Teacher meeting/ recess. In case of emergency only after class time.